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This page is dedicated to showcasing the work of others. In some cases I'm drawing attention to the great care that certain contractors have put into their work. In other cases I'm pointing out the lack of care others have put in.


Why am I doing this? With the thumbs-up examples, it's an additional way for me to demonstrate the overall quality of work that you can expect from me. With the thumbs-down examples, it's the opposite.

Thumbs Up To Centreing And Equidistant Spacing

Projects look so much nicer when someone takes the time and effort to properly measure spacing between objects (like a hallway carpet runner centred between two walls or balusters spaced properly on a porch).

Thumbs Down To Unremoved Lumber Spec Tags

Sure these white tags are necessary at the lumber yard. But at your house? Not at all. They're unsightly and, because they literally take one second to remove, scream laziness and a lack of care on the part of the contractors who leave them on. 

Thumbs Up To Taking Pride 

Caring (aka not being sloppy). It seems like such a simple thing to do when you're doing a job, yet a lot of people just don't take the time or put in the effort to make things just right. Here's a tip of the cap to a couple of people who did.

Thumbs Down To Messy Job Sites

There's always going to be garbage on a job site. But that doesn't mean it should be left strewn about (or on the homeowner's front lawn for extended periods of time even if it is neatly collected). In most cases it's unsafe. In other cases it just looks bad. 

Thumbs Down To Sloppiness

Unfortunately, a lot of "professionals" aren't very professional when it comes to their finished product. In some cases it's because of inability. But in most cases of sloppiness, it's because those people just don't care.

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