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A sampling of work I've done (folders below the first 3 will load when you move down the page). For larger project pictures click on the project slideshow of your choice and an image gallery will pop up. Scroll left or right using the arrows and click x to return back here.



Fence Section Replacement
Mudroom Laminate Floor Installation
Porch/Property Dividing Fence Build
Kitchen Renovation
Bathroom Painting / Vanity Replacement
Interior Painting
Floor and Backsplash Tile Work
Custom Built-In Closet / Storage - 1
Porch Railing Installation
Custom Built-In Closet / Storage - 2
Laminate Floor Install / Wall Painting
Bathroom Painting / Tiling (Floor + Shower)
Basement Bathroom Complete Reno
Rotten Porch Board Replacement
Bathroom Refinishing
Condo Bedroom Balcony Step Build/Install
Bathroom Wall Refinishing
Patio Doors Cover-Up
Cedar Board Display (Landscape Architect)
Deck / Fence Refinishing
Front Stairs Replacement - 2
Porch Rebuild (with storage underneath)
Drywall Patching
Custom Gate Building
Porch Rebuild
Ground Level Deck Build
Cold Room Refurbishment
Shoe Mould Replacement
Bathroom Exhaust Fan Vent Repair / Upgrade
Wall Framing and Drywall Installation
Sliding Barn Door Installation
Custom Shelving Installation (2 walls)
Backyard Fence Replacement
Wall Hangings
Custom Shelving and Storage
Front Steps Replacement - 1
Shower / Tub Re-Caulking
Porch Railing / Furniture Painting
Scratched / Broken Tile Replacement
Miscellaneous Projects
Plaster Refinishing
Site Protection
Arbor Refinishing + Water Seal Treating
Laminate Floor Installation
Deck/Basement Stairs Safety Cover Build
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