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There’s a pretty good chance you have some not-so-positive thoughts in your head about contractors.


They never call back when you contact them.


They cut corners when they don’t think you’ll notice.


They lose interest in projects once the end is in sight – sometimes not even completing the smaller, finish parts.


I know that these things matter to you, and they matter to me, too.


I'll return your calls, and reply to your texts and emails. I'll show you, your family and your home nothing but respect. And from the beginning of your project until the end, I promise you extremely personable service, professional craftsmanship, and an impeccable attention to detail for a completed project that will have you feeling house-proud.


I'm incredibly punctual, reliable and honest. I also have an excellent work ethic, was born with uncompromising professionalism, and possess incredibly high standards. If I'm working at your home, I'll treat it as if it was my own, providing a standard of work for you and your family that I would provide for my own.


Thank you sincerely for showing an interest in my company, and in me. I would love an opportunity to meet with you in person to talk about how I can help make your project thoughts and dreams a reality.











Shawn McClenny

President, The Details Home Renovations Inc.

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